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Your most valuable asset is your time. Carpe Diem … Seize the Day! What you do today affects the results of tomorrow. Plan ahead to make every day a productive and satisfying day. Keep a list of the most important tasks that need to be done. Keep the list current by adding new items and deleting the old. Amaze yourself and others with how much you can accomplish. You will gain satisfaction knowing you were productive at the end of every day.

Summertime is a good time to plan for how you can end the year successfully. Set goals…both long-term and short-term. Setting goals will focus your efforts. Meeting goals is satisfying and rewarding. Make planning fun by checking off the tasks as you complete them. It is nice to see what you have accomplished and know what still needs to be done.

This is also a good time to look back at what you have successfully accomplished in the first and second quarters. Reevaluate what your strengths and weaknesses are. What has been successful so far? Keep building on the positive…don’t get discouraged by setbacks. Be honest with yourself and determine what worked the best to get the desired result. Paraphrasing Barb Bruno, a well-respected national trainer: “Planning now will affect the way you start next year…”

Write down a schedule, daily and weekly, of what you want to accomplish. Plan your work and work your plan rather than letting events dictate what you do. Keep a daily running log to refer back to in case questions arise. The log should include such items as: date, phone conversations, emails, important tasks and events, etc. …customized to fit the way you work. This log will be a valuable resource for you when questions arise in the future about what actions were taken today. 

Prioritize the tasks for the day. Everyone will have the unexpected to deal with. If you have a process in place consisting of prioritizing goals and tasks, the unexpected is easier to deal with. When an unexpected request is received, you must prioritize this event as well. Does it need to be done now, today...or can it wait until tomorrow? Be sure to communicate your decision to all those who would be affected by your decision. Others will appreciate your decisive action. Your day will be less stressful and you can still accomplish the important daily goals you have set for yourself. You will have a satisfying and productive day in spite of the unexpected.  This practice will make time work for you. You will stay in control of your day and not be controlled by events…Seize the Day!