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Going from Contingent to Retained in 4 hours – Jon Bartos Workshop

It's past MidYear... Are you on track for your best year ever? In this workshop, Jon Bartos goes deeper and walks participants through activities to help YOU apply his techniques to move to a mutually committed relationship! This could make the rest of YOUR YEAR a record breaker.

This is NOT a webinar – it’s a workshop where you walk away with the tools and techniques to make the transition to retained search.

Join Jon Bartos this Thursday...Aug 23, 2018
12pm-4pm EST (11am CST 10am PT)

Tired of only filling 1.8 out of 10 searches with clients and wasting over 82% of your time and resources?  Even the best of the best contingent recruiters are only filling 1 out of 3 or 4 searches worked on. Have you had enough of wasting more than ½ your time and getting nothing for it?

Here is what attendees are saying about Jon's Mutually Committed Workshop;

Jon’s Webinar was just super – perhaps the best ever! AB Christie

It was an excellent webinar! One of the best I’ve been on thus far, money well spent! - Christine


Here's a list of ALL the free stuff, documents & books Jon is going to give you and the topics he will discuss in this workshop to get you started on your journey to Retained:

  • The impact of going to Mutually Committed Relationships on your Business and your Pocket Book
  • The Value Proposition of Mutually Committed Relationships
  • What Clients really get with Contingent Recruiters and the Mishires associated with it
  • The differences in Client, Candidate and Recruiter Experiences
  • The Process of getting Retained Work
  • The Scripting and Transition to bring your Existing clients to Mutually Committed Relationships
  • The Scripting and Transitions to bring NEW clients to Mutually Committed Relationships
  • The Critical Questions to ask to unlock the Realized or Unrealized Need for your clients to go to Mutually Committed Relationships
  • Example Service Agreements
  • White Papers - How to Hire Top Performers, The 7 Deadly Sins of Talent Management, Effective Business Development and the 10 Scripts that are rocking the recruiting world.
  • All Forms and Documents including Engaged Priority and Fully Retained Agreement!

The 4 hour workshop normally goes for 499.00 per seat and that was a deal. Hurry to register for this offer, only $199 gets you to Retained!  

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Join this Virtual Workshop and learn how to increase your ROI.

Originally $499, EMinfo price only $199

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