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Split Placement Story:

In a network, independent and boutique agencies look to add value to their clients and candidates by positioning themselves as global recruiters covering all specialties ... more »

Building a Personal Career Decision-Making Model

Teddy Roosevelt, a man of who wore many hats in his career, is credited with saying; “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the n ... more »

7 Tips to Grow your Billings-Movement & Motivation for Success by Patricia Conlin

We all want to increase our billings as recruiters but sometimes it seems that no matter what we do, we are stuck on a treadmill and not getting ahead. What if the secret ... more »

Boost Your Energy and Productivity in 2016!! by Patricia Conlin

As the new year unfolds, most of us have made resolutions in some areas of our lives to improve. As a recruiter, you might want to increase your billings or may ... more »


You would think that an NFL football team like the Houston Texans would have a singular, simple focus on winning football games. In meeting with Jamey Rootes, President o ... more »

5 Signs You Need to Switch Your Staffing Software

With so many other business concerns, your staffing software should provide you with a sense of Zen, not a throbbing headache. Sadly, not every platform is going to be id ... more »

It's hard to recruit...when your reputation sucks.

Imagine you’re looking for a job. And I have one to offer. Great pay. Strong benefits. Challenging work. Would you apply? But... What if you never heard about th ... more »


This is one of those naïve "defenses" only a foolish feefighter would allege.  Yet it's among the most popular, because candidates fall all over their paychecks ... more »

4 Tips to Streamline Your Workday & Become More Productive by Chris Dardis

  Have you ever had a tough time gaining traction in your job? Things continually not going your way? Do you leave work feeling like you aren’t acco ... more »

Contingent Labor Providers Beware by James W. Boyan III, Esq.

U.S. DOL Issues New Guidance Declaring that “Most Workers are Employees under the FLSA”   On July 15, 2015, the United States Department of Labor (&ld ... more »