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Too Tired or Lazy to Work Today? 4 Things you can do right now!

I’m sure that this happens to everyone from time to time, especially with all the distractions of the holidays. You just don’t feel like working. Whatever it ... more »


Never forget you are in business to make profits not to provide free advice or jobs for the people who work for you.  If you are not profitable you are jeopardizing ... more »

What Client Says: The delay was too long from your referral to the hire.

How Client Pays:     The average delay from referral of a candidate to hire is 98 days.  You probably think it's 30 days.  I did when I was a recru ... more »

Put Your CERS Training To Work For You And Your Clients

My clients aren’t surprised when I coach them on how to keep a valued employee. While they are certainly aware that we make money through placements, they more than ... more »

Are You Managing Your Day or is Your Day Managing You? 6 Simple Steps to Change That!

“…But Mike, I don’t have enough time”, says the anonymous struggling owner with about $400k in office revenue as we discuss strategies he agrees ... more »

The Impact of Healthcare Reform on Staffing Companies ...Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

The Impact of Healthcare Reform on Staffing Companies- Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act In March of 2010, Congress passed the Healthcare Reform Act, referred t ... more »

Target Marketing with LinkedIn

A wise mentor once said to me: “Mike, you can be certain of one thing in your recruiting career.  It starts with “C” and ends with “E” ... more »

Low Hanging Fruit Makes The Best Pies

  You’ve probably heard that it is not a good idea to pick low hanging fruit. My question is, why the hell not? I enjoy picking low hanging fruit- it’s ... more »

Is your website COSTING you money?

No, I don’t mean “how much did you spend on your site,” I mean are you losing clients and candidates because of your website? At Haley Marketing, we de ... more »

Making Things Happen?

OVERVIEW The world is not static and successful staffing companies need to stay abreast of events to remain competitive. Staffing leaders go one step further and create ... more »