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Sustainable Social Media for Your Staffing Agency By Aaron Eastlack

I hear this question all the time:    “What should I be doing on social media as a staffing firm?”   My return question is:    ... more »

5 Content Marketing Mistakes That Give Competitors the Edge

Content marketing has emerged as one of the most effective ways to build your business’s brand and voice. Additionally, it can also help generate customer loyalty a ... more »

Review/Preview: The Conversation Bookend of Progress by By Kathleen Kurke

Too  often, we ghost out of conversation with clients or candidates. We end with lame, say-nothing phrases like “ok, we’ll talk soon” or “sta ... more »

The 2018 Guide to Eliminating Turndowns and Fall Offs:

 The steps that completely gets rid of them and increases your worth in the eyes of your clients! They are the enemies of every recruiter: turndowns and falloffs. A ... more »

Are Job Postings Right for Your Firm? By Jeff Gipson Jr

When speaking to clients and candidates, staffing and recruiting firms often highlight their differentiators:  what it is that makes their agency unique from their c ... more »


Make the most of your placements by negotiating intelligently with your client companies to achieve the most attractive agreement for both parties. Your profitability can ... more »

8 Ways to Avoid Being Hacked

I have been involved in providing automated solutions for companies for years.  I have prepared detailed presentations and have spoken at events, repetitively warnin ... more »

Coach Mike: Multiple Exclusive Openings

If you possessed multiple exclusive openings with a current client and they want a discount, how should you respond without losing your exclusives? - Steven ANSWER: Grea ... more »

Profit Plans and Post Audits from Michael Neidle

Well managed companies create profit or business plans and then determine if they are working. One should start out with an analysis of one’s historical performanc ... more »


If every person on your team had a different approach to selling your company’s products and services, replicating success and scaling your company will be difficul ... more »