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Split Placement Story:

What if Others Marketed for You? Advantages of Splits: Faster fill. The speed-to-fill on openings can be increased when multiple recruiters work together.  Better ... more »

The Certified versus the Non-Certified ~ It's All About Edge

Imagine that you’re cultivating a piece of business or approaching a client or candidate for the first time. Yours is not the only firm competing for the job postin ... more »

Common Misconceptions About Local SEO

Every business with an online presence wants higher rankings in search — particularly Google search. That’s not the big secret here, but how it’s actual ... more »

Career Development: The Role of Professional Recruiters

Consultant, educator and author Peter Drucker once stated; “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”  Both ... more »

Contract Staffing = Recurring Recruiter Revenue

Contract staffing offers a number of ways to increase your recruiter revenue. It can increase your sales by allowing you to offer clients a variety of staffing solut ... more »

Split Placement Story:

I have been asking our staff members to relate some of the successful split placement messages they have experienced in the last year.  Here is one from NPAworldwide ... more »

What Boomers Have Valued about Certification?

Maybe it’s because my hair and beard have gradually changed to a whitish-grey or possibly because I’m receiving more retirement notices than I can remember in ... more »

Why Your Team Is Not Maximizing LinkedIn Recruiter By Neil Lebovits

Getting your money's worth So, you bought "LinkedIn Recruiter" for your or your team. Bravo. Although it's very expensive, it has some amazing capabilities. Sadly, as I ... more »

Techline: Q & A

Question 1:  I am hearing more and more about “3rd party add-ons.  Is that something I should look into?  Answer:  Yes, absolutely.  ... more »

Can Video Interviewing Improve Your Client Collaboration? By Josh Tolan

As a staffing agency professional, you want to find your clients the best talent as soon as possible. You’re confident you can find them an amazing candidate, espec ... more »