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A first hand view- How can you make your client's life easier?

After working directly with hundreds of small and medium sized businesses outside of the recruiting space for over three years, I’ve seen the challenges many face a ... more »

Does Your Company Speak Human?

Authenticity is not a strategy. It’s not a parlor trick. It’s not a corporate initiative. It’s not a tactic you learn at a conference. Authenticity ... more »


It is important for you to continually upgrade and attract new clients. Most individuals in our profession generate 75% of their sales from less than five clients. That ... more »

Raising the Level of Your Game! EMinfo 2014 Owner Retreat

Nestled amid the land of the Pines just one mile from Southern Pines’ historic downtown and four miles from the Village of Pinehurst is the beautiful resort of Mid ... more »

Q&A with Bethany Perkins, HR Manager at Software Advice

We recently caught an article by Software Advice, a company that connects businesses with software vendors, that highlights the hiring strategy they call “finding d ... more »

Business IS Strong! Are You Getting Complacent? How to Take Your Business Up a Notch!

Our industry has experienced a remarkable turnaround.  My recruiting firm owner clients and other recruiters across the country are experiencing a surge in openings ... more »

Submit One Candidate and Close the Deal

There is absolutely no logical reason why customers buying staffing and recruiting services need to spend hours of their time reviewing and interviewing candidates. That ... more »

Be the BEST CHOICE Recruiter

There has been a lot of drama in my life lately, including having to spend a lot of time focusing on the care for a very good friend in the critical care unit of a major ... more »

Too Tired or Lazy to Work Today? 4 Things you can do right now!

I’m sure that this happens to everyone from time to time, especially with all the distractions of the holidays. You just don’t feel like working. Whatever it ... more »


Never forget you are in business to make profits not to provide free advice or jobs for the people who work for you.  If you are not profitable you are jeopardizing ... more »