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Helping Candidates Understand Their Personal Career Development: A Primer for Staffing Professionals (Part 2)

How can staffing professionals assist candidates realize their full career potential? In Part 1 (January), my emphasis was on your understanding of the career development ... more »

Candidates Understand Their Personal Career Development: A Primer for Staffing Professionals (Part 1)

The career development process represents a series of life stages and events during which a person identifies, selects, prepares for, enters and progresses through an occ ... more »

9 Steps for Conducting a Strong Client Meeting

1. Rehearse your presentation: Rehearse a verbal and mental presentation of your meeting. Get to the point where you have memorized the key points that you want to cover ... more »

Are You Quitting Now?

I am going to veer off topic for this month.  Normally, I write articles about prepping your candidates for interviews so that they have a greater probability of get ... more »

Do you revise, re-write or reformat your candidate resumes?

I posted this question a couple of weeks ago to several groups on LinkedIn that are frequented by recruiters. The results were amazing. Historically, I had always traine ... more »

Advocating Quality Service to Consumers: A NAPS Tradition

The National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) has been a leader in education and certification for a half century. In advancing the importance of the professional ... more »

Investing in the Development of the Staffing Team: A Win-Win Scenario

Recent studies of the attributes desired in employers by new and relatively inexperienced employees suggests a shifting somewhat from the "bread and butter" issues such a ... more »

Training With a Twist

What if I told you that some of the best training you’ll ever receive as a recruiter might be free? Sound too good to be true? There’s no doubt that the trai ... more »

Candidate Rapport Not Candidate

It's no surprise to any of you that we are in a candidate-driven marketplace. More and more I'm receiving email messages asking me how to develop candidate control. Ther ... more »

Will the Internet Replace Recruiters?

As you know, the staffing industry as a whole has had it’s nose bloodied in the last few years and many recruiters did not have the training and tools that they nee ... more »