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Recession Proof Your Sales!

One of the coolest things about sales is that it is recession proof! Depending on what you sell and the value of it to your client consumer, the more recession proof it m ... more »

From Commodity to Consultant: Four mistakes that drag the staffing industry's reputation down, and how to overcome them.

There's not a manager or owner of a staffing company who likes the idea of being a "commodity," an expendable service that can be tossed aside when budgets get cut. But t ... more »

Applying an Extra Degree

At first glance, there doesn't seem to be a connection between social networking and contract staffing. However, there is a common theme, one that can help to boost your ... more »

A "Calling", Not a "Career"

The year was 1980 and I was a twenty four year old lieutenant in the Marine Corps. My commanding officer, a lieutenant colonel, was giving me guidance as an officer under ... more »

The Importance of 'You 3.0'

Last year, in the spring issue of Employment Marketplace, I wrote an article titled, "The Importance of 'You 2.0.'" In that article, I discussed how crucial it is for any ... more »

Tuning out the Noise

There’s a ton of buzz going on about the elephant in the room. You know what I mean...let’s not kid ourselves. Not one recruiter or placer I know is not at le ... more »

ATS Evaluation Assistance

Many of you may be going through the laborious and frustrating process of evaluating a new ATS (Applicant Tracking System) for your office. I know this as in my role as t ... more »

The Internet and Relationships

The Internet has changed the way in which recruiters conduct business. That’s no big secret or revelation, but some of the changes aren’t as obvious as others ... more »

Contract Staffing The money is great, and any recruiter can do it!

Every day, recruiters are discovering just how profitable and easy contract staffing can be. Its profitability is tied directly to the fact that many companies have short ... more »

Can You Say

Most people can’t even think about it, much less "say it". The horror of it is just too much to endure. The chaos, the confusion, the panic and the disappointment a ... more »